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Stream live video and record from every angle

Switcher Studio is a mobile production suite that allows content creators to use an iPhone or iPad as a portable video mixer. Share your events and engage your audience using the power of video without spending thousands of dollars on expensive cameras and gear. All you need is Switcher Studio and an iPhone or iPad - record the video output to your primary device and stream live video anywhere with an internet connection.

Streaming Providers
Send video in real-time to your preferred content delivery network (CDN). Stream to services like Facebook, Periscope Producer, YouTube, Ustream, YouNow, Twitch and more. Switcher Studio is compatible with most RTMP streaming platforms see instructions.

Adjust Quality
Take full control of your production by adjusting recording size. Lower the quality to save storage space on your device or bump up the resolution and bitrate to record and broadcast in HD. 1 hour of video typically uses 1 GB of disk space on your device.

Record on all Cameras
Switcher Studio records a final mixed copy of your video as you make each cut and transition. The Record on all Cameras feature allows you to capture full quality audio and video from each connected camera so you can transfer files from every angle to iMovie or your computer for editing.

Online Channel Management
Update and modify streaming channel settings from your computer using the Switcher Studio dashboard and sync them with the Switcher Studio app. Our cloud-based synchronization system lets you manage your settings and access saved channels from any device.

1080p HD Recording with Switcher - Director Mode

Use Director Mode to record 1080p HD video. This feature allows you to disable the built-in camera on the main mixing device and connect up to 4 additional iPhones or iPads as sources. Tapping "Rec+Broadcast" triggers a recording on each connected device so you have full quality video from each angle regardless of any glitches or hiccups on the network.When the production is complete you can composite the video from all angles with any edits made during your event. The final video can then be uploaded directly to YouTube or sent to your computer so you can make additional edits using Final Cut Pro X. Director mode can also be used in combination with a streaming video platform so you can broadcast at a lower bitrate while capturing full HD video to upload for on-demand playback after your production.

Tap into advanced features and create professional content

Modify video transitions and choose from multiple picture-in-picture layouts. Integrate photos from your camera-roll. Add your own pre-built TV style lower-third graphics and logos to style your productions and monetize your program. Use your computer screen as a video source to insert websites, presentations, video clips or commercials and dynamic content. Send video to a TV or projector using an Apple certified HDMI adapter or AppleTV.

Transitions & Multi-View
Manage transition type(s) and duration or use the multi-view feature to cue multiple sources simultaneously. Select from layouts like dashboard, slots, flap and picture-in-picture or layer other content in your production.

Graphic Overlays
Add photos from your camera-roll or insert an image during your production. Prepare lower third graphics and logos to include in your broadcast. Take photos with another device and link with your iCloud account to update assets on the fly.

Bring your computer screen in as a source. Use Switcher Cast for Mac to incorporate PowerPoint, Prezi, or KeyNote presentations into Switcher Studio. Playback fullscreen promotional videos and commercials to include in your production.

HDMI & AirPlay Output
Connect the primary Switcher to a TV or projector for viewing using a HDMI adapter or Apple TV via AirPlay support. Show the entire Switcher Studio interface for previewing and monitoring or only show the LIVE mixed output for classroom viewing and presentations.

Manage cameras wirelessly and control connected devices

You can use the built-in camera of your mixing device as the primary camera or wirelessly sync up to 4 other iOS devices for multi-camera productions. Simply install Switcher Studio on any iOS device and select “Use as camera” from the welcome screen to connect as a source on the primary device. All devices communicate over a local wifi network and you can easily increase the distance between devices by expanding your network. Use Switcher Studio and capture unique perspectives to go where no one has gone before.

Multiple Wireless Cameras
Wirelessly sync up to four additional iPhones or iPads and switch between angles in real-time. Use your hotspot or router as a hub for small productions or integrate with a dedicated networking setup for large venues and events.

Advanced Camera Control
Control your cameras from across the room by pairing an iPhone or iPod touch with your primary iPad. Adjust the focus, white-balance, exposure and more. You can even remotely zoom a wirelessly connected camera from the main software mixing interface.

Digital Zoom
Pinch or pull at the screen to remotely adjust the zoom of any source in the preview panel. Frame a shot closer on the person speaking without moving your tripod and getting in the way of the audience or zoom in on a player as they celebrate after a score.

Camera Recovery
Add and drop cameras while an active recording or broadcast is in session. Switch between the front and rear facing camera on connected devices and easily reconnect a camera if you lose connection, or run low on battery.

Level up with mobile media add-ons

While no additional hardware is required to use Switcher Studio, there are a variety of accessories that can be used to make your iOS devices better video tools - from cases to tripods, lenses, lights, microphones, and more!

Hardware & accessories are available from our friends and partner, iOgrapher.

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Improve production quality

If you are using multiple cameras you will need a wireless network to allow communication between your devices. Setting up a dedicated network for your Switcher Studio production can improve quality, limit interference and give you more flexibility when extending the distance between camera sources by allowing you to add access points as needed. Read the official Apple article below to learn more about how to setup and extended your network using Apple Airport Extreme and Airport Express networking hardware.

Apple Network Setup